Gods of the Tuatha De Danann
“peoples of the goddess Danu”
Dagda (God of the Sun, Earth, Kingship and Excellence)
Danu (Goddess of Fertility, Early Spring, Home and Hearth)
Brigit (Goddess of Fire, Livestock, Holy Wells, Serpents, Druidic Knowledge)
the Morrigan (Goddess of Battle, Strife, Horses, Sovereignty)
Gofannon (God of Smithcraft)
Arawn (God of the Dead)
Ogma (God of Eloquence and Magic)
Nodens (God of the Sea, the Wind, Fishing, Hunting, Dogs)
Lugus (God of Trade, Travelers, Shoemakers, the Arts)
Dian Cecht (God of Healing)
Aengus (God of Love, Youth, Poetic Inspiration)

The Old Deities
Oceanus (God of the Sea, Sailing, Fishing, Rivers and Streams)
Hecate (Goddess of the Moon and Magic, Shepherds, Dogs)
Aides (God of the Underworld, Lord of the Dead)
Boreas (God of the North Wind, Winter, the Sky, and Storms)
Sekhmet (Goddess of Fire, Healing, Vengeance, and War)
Helios (God of the Sun, Light, Truth, Poetry, Horses, Youth)
Hodios (God of Trade, Travelers and Wayfarers)
Alcides (God of Strength, Courage, Ingenuity)

Kentauroi God
Kheiron (God of Medicine, Music, Archery, Hunting, Prophecy)

Elven God
Völundr (Fertility, Wisdom, Nature, Magic, Prophecy, Crafts)

The Fae do not worship deities per se; since many fae do not age, fae die only when a tragic fate has befallen them. The few who do pass are interred in an honored location within their mound.

Faun Gods
Inuus (Forest, Plains, Fields, Cattle)
Dea (Fertility, Healing, Earth)
Silene (Wisdom, Prophecy, Flowers)
Aegipan (Shepherds, Flocks, Hunting, Music)

Draconish God
Ausar (Death, Fire, Underworld)


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