In the days following the Age Of Myth, when the World was yet young, the Gods had retreated to the Heavens, leaving the Earth to the Mortals they had created. Men had not yet usurped the World from the likes of the Elves, Kentauroi, Orks, Fairies, and others.

Thus, the World was yet to be, with many stories yet to tell. A Land of Men and Magic, Warriors and Sorcerers, Gods and Demons, and legends yet to be writ large upon the Earth.

As the World-To-Be took its form, Centaurs and Orks yet strode the Land alongside Men, while the Elves and Fae retreated from the cacophony of the world as they struggled to find their place within it.

Thus was the Age Of Trials, with Heroes writ large, and fates yet to be written in the annals of History yet to come.

Age Of Trials

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