Quick 3, then 4 points to divide between Strong, Clever, and Magic. Note: Magic can start at 0.

Tall, beautiful humanoids with pointed ears, who delight in the natural world, particularly forests.

Elves are the largest of the faerie races, roughly the same size as Men on a slightly narrower frame. While they are descended from Fae, they have no say in the Seelie or Unseelie Courts any longer. The elves worship deities as do Men; some gods are from far in the past history of their race; however, Elves that spend much of their lives interacting with other races may be found worshiping the deity or pantheon of another race.
Elves try to have little to do with Men any longer, as Men are arrogant, quick to anger, prolific, and destructive of the natural environment. Of the three Elven cultures, the Selenaous (Sea Elves) interact with Men when they trade, either because Men have traveled to one of their city-states, or because they have sailed to a city of Men to pick up a highly prized cargo, or passengers prepared to make their final voyage to the lands across the Western Sea. The Therians (Wood Elves) try to be the guardians of the eldest forests, but they have many difficult encounters with Men who prize the hardwoods found therein. Finally, the Svartalfar (Deep Elves) exist in deep underground warrens or on their home plane of Svartalfheim, and only interact with others when they raid the surface world.


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